jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Aterrizaje Forzoso!

Había dejado la cacería de dragones por un tiempo, pero a raíz de un proyecto que está incubando he vuelto a buscar y de entre el oceano de alternativas y conocimiento surge este representante insólito. Dibujado por Viktor Titov de Rusia, para un concurso en un foro de artistas gráficos. Voy a transcribir lo que el mismo Viktor escribió por que me pareció sumamente interesante.

On searches of the gone dragon by name "Zigfried", left the king of hamsters "Sigismund fourth" the leader of the order of iridescent hamster (this the ancient cult of the hamster- fanatics considering itself the true soldiers of light)
After taking with itself the most loyal soldiers: daring Samurai "Hairy ear" the powerful soldier "BIGtooth", fearless and courageous kamikadze "Hamsterfly" even one large "squirrel the horseman" they left in the way!
By the rumors reached from the adjacent kingdom, dragon was noted next to the castle located in the possession of Sigismund's old friend - lord "Gopher"!

At that time the lord Gopher was in the military march, and using this, dragon Zigfried after breaking one of the towers of the castle reached the wine cellar and randomly trampled the granary....

As you already know, granary for the hamsters is this sacred thing almost the same as statue of the godly iridescent rodent After this news our courageous heroes began crazy furious

But to capture dragon, it is sufficiently difficult.... therefore after developing artful plan... they got to work ....sequential time after flying in into the already native wine cellar, Zigfried is opened the bottle of "Chateau Tour Verite, Bordeaux " but instead of the cool and astringent wine, there is something small and furry fell
on him, and suddenly engage him directly in the nose, from the shock and the weekly hangover, dragon jumped out from the tower and even could not fly further events you can see on the engraving of16 centuries completed by one of the participants, (hamsterfly) he are only one, who had luck not to arrive in hospital....

Me encanta la fluidez de las curvas del dragón, la forma en que ha logrado captar la violencia del golpe! y el ímpetu de los roedores a la carga... es un trabajo que me encanta!

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